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Sep 18th

Express Tans Explained!

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Express Tans are becoming increasingly popular! It’s so nice to be able to shower sooner! But they are a little tricky.  Here are some facts about them to help explain how they work!

-They are the same tan, same shade, same everything as the Full Body Spray Tan! The only difference is showering time!
-You can shower it off between 2-4 hours, depending on your skin type and how dark you want to go.
-Everyone’s skin is beautifully unique! And the timing for tans is different for everyone. That’s the tricky part!
-Dee determines the timing for each person. Some are 2.5 hours for a dark tan, while others are 4 hours! This is based off her 4.5 years of experience.
-You HAVE TO shower it off in the time frames that are given. This is strict!!!  Dee always suggests going home after your tanning session so you don’t lose track of time.
-What happens if you keep it on longer? Poor fading and coloring.
-When you shower the tan off, you won’t have much of a tan. That is normal! It develops over 24-48 hours (everyone’s different) and you will get darker as time goes on!
-Are Express Tans better? No, they are the same as the Full Body Spray Tan!  It all depends on your showering schedule for which tan works best for you!

Hope this helps! 🙂

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Sep 11th

Dee’s hit over 3,500 clients!!!

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Wow!!! This past week, Dee’s hit over 3,500 clients served!!! Thank you all so much for the support and believing in our services.  We couldn’t ask for better clients!

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