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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page!
Please read through this page for any and all questions.  This will help you prepare for your appointment and get familiar with Dee’s policies.  It is updated frequently and Dee has provided all the answers! 🙂  Thank you!

It can be helpful to press the “Control/Command” and letter “f” buttons on the keyboard together and search for keywords if there’s a specific question you’re looking for!

EEEK! I’ve never had a spray tan before!  How do I prepare?! What do I wear?!
Don’t worry!  Once you schedule an appointment, you will receive an email with all the prep instructions for you to get the best results and what to wear!  Check your spam folder if you haven’t received it within 30 minutes.  Make sure to read the entire confirmation email so you are prepared for your appointment.

I have an event coming up, when should I schedule my tan?
We think it looks best after one or two showers!  Schedule a tan according to your shower schedule for the week.  This is true regardless of how light or dark you want to go!
Brides/Grooms!  Allow for two showers, this makes sure it does not rub off on your gown/tux/suit 🙂
For example:  The wedding is on Saturday, but you are busy with the rehearsal dinner on Thursday.  You could schedule a tan for Wednesday!  Showering Thursday and Friday night; or Thursday and Saturday morning.

I’m going on vacation, when should I schedule my tan?
You will want to schedule your tan a day or two before you leave!  Keep in mind, if you choose the Full Body Spray Tan you will need to keep it on for 8 hours.  To feel comfortable while traveling, allow enough time for you to shower before leaving for your (hopefully sunny 🙂 ) destination!

I have a very fair skin tone and I’m afraid I will look orange.  Do you have different shades?
We do not do orange tans, period.  We go through a skin-type analysis at your first appointment to determine what shade looks best for YOU.  Everyone’s skin is beautifully unique and different!  We can customize any shade or color for ANY skin type.  We have many different colors, shades, and brands to choose from!  We are not tied to one brand and use all organic solutions.

I’m really nervous and have a lot of questions, what should I do?
We understand!  Getting a service you have never done before can be scary!  We can assure you that Dee is very knowledgable and provides professional services, but a trial tan would be the best way to ease your nerves!  Trial tans should be done at least 7-10 days prior to a tan needed for an event.   If you’ve never had an airbrush tan before, a trial tan is suggested but not required.  It will help you get familiar with the process and understanding the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of after care for spray tanning! They are the same price as listed, there are no discounts for trial tans.

Do men get spray tans too?
Yes! All the time!  It’s nice because you only need to come once to get a tan, instead of going in a tanning bed multiple times.  And you protect your skin at the same time!  It’s a win-win!  Spray Tanning is for everyone!!!! 🙂

How do I make an appointment?
All scheduling is done online here.  Dee tries to keep herself available as much as possible for tanning!  Online scheduling allows her to serve you better!  There is no scheduling through the phone, as Dee is busy tanning wonderful clients like you!  Wedding Parties: You are able to schedule multiple appointments online! If you are having trouble booking, please see the next question!

Please note: Dee’s schedule has changed and is now more limited to mainly evenings until the end of May.  It is STRONGLY suggested to schedule ASAP if there is a date you have in mind.

I’m having trouble scheduling online, what can I do?
You can try changing browsers, scheduling from your phone, or using our Facebook page and clicking “Book Now.”  Cookies need to be enabled in order to schedule. You can enable them under the browser’s settings!

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?
All cancelations and rescheduling can be done through the confirmation email by clicking the “view bookings” button at the bottom of the email.  You may cancel or reschedule an appointment any time prior to 24 hours of the scheduled time!  There is no canceling or rescheduling within 24 hours of an appointment. This will be marked as a no-show and the card used to book will be charged. We want you to have a really great tan! and that means no rushing.  If you are late, there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate you and it will be considered a no-show.  This is a strict policy for Dee as she provides only high-quality, flawless work and needs the allotted time to do so.  Thank you!  The definition of a No-Show within 24 hours of an appointment is as follows: not being physically present at Dee’s Spray Tan for the scheduled time.  Dee’s Spray Tan reserves the right to refuse service at any time to any one for any reason. Let’s make spray tan magic together!

I have an event that is outside of the 8 week scheduling window.  How can I make sure I get an appointment for my event?
Dee’s schedule goes out 8 weeks to allow a fair chance for everyone to get in! 🙂 Dee stays consistently busy throughout the year.  If there’s a specific date you’re looking for, we suggest booking as soon as the date becomes available! If you would like to schedule for a wedding/event that is further out, make sure to check back when the date is available within the two month window and schedule! Thank you!

The time I’m looking for within the 8 week scheduling window is not available, do you have a waiting list?
Not at this time!  However, cancellations do happen!  Check back with the online schedule to see if something opens up!  Dee’s schedule is always up-to-date, if the time is unavailable that means she is booked or is off at that time.  Note: Dee is off on Sundays, unless marked otherwise on her online schedule.

I’ve received a tan by Dee’s Spray Tan before, but it’s been awhile.  Do I schedule as a New Client or a Return Client?
You will schedule as a Return Client!  Even if you’ve only seen us one time, or it’s been 4 years, you are still a return client! 🙂  Can’t wait to see you again!

I reserved my appointment with a credit/debit card.  Does this mean my appointment is already paid for?
No, payment is taken at the appointment.  Cash is preferred.  The card used to book the appointment is only charged if a client is a “no-show.”

I am pregnant, can I get a spray tan?
Dee requires that you check with your physician first prior to scheduling an appointment.  Everyone’s pregnancy is different!  Let them know that you will be provided with nose filters.  At the spray tan appointment, you will sign a pregnancy consent stating that you have talked with your doctor and they gave the okay for you get a spray tan.  This is a strict policy.  If you come for an appointment and have not received the okay from your physician prior to the appointment,  Dee will not tan you and it will be charged as a “no-show.” Safety first, always!

How long does a spray tan last?
Typically a spray tan will last 5-7 days.  We do have some clients that can make it last up to 10 days by moisturizing A LOT!  The more you moisturize, the better your tan will look and the longer it will last!

How long do I have to wait before I shower?
It depends on which tan you choose!  The Full Body Spray Tan you can shower in 8 hours (or longer!) and the Express Full Body Spray Tan 3 hours or less, depending on your skin type.  You will also want to avoid any activities that include water or excessive sweating.
Please note: with the Express Tan you can not keep it on longer than 3 hours.  Click here for more information on Express Tans and how they work!

Are the solutions you use organic?

Is it a person or a machine that tans you?
Dee is a certified Spray Tan Artist that professionally airbrushes you, not a machine.

I only want _____ spray tanned, do you do partial tans?
All tans by Dee are priced as listed.  You can have your legs only or upper body only tanned, but it will be the same price as a full body.  We do not offer a discount for this.

I went to a different place and received a bad tan, can you help me?!
Yes Dee can!  She has unfortunately dealt with this situation many times and can fix ANY spray tan disaster.  Schedule an appointment and then give Dee a call and leave a voicemail explaining the current situation! 651-785-5352  She will call you back and provide you with all the information you need.

Should I get waxed before or after tanning?
Waxing should be done preferably at least 24 hours prior to getting a tan.

Should I get my nails done before or after tanning?
Nails should be done any time prior to getting a tan.  They will not be stained with our professional, flawless technique.

Should I get my eyelash extensions done before or after tanning?
You can have them done before, as long as it has been 24 hours since the application, unless your eyelash technician tells you otherwise.  You can have them done anytime after your first shower with a tan.

Should I get a massage/facial before or after tanning?
These services should always be done prior to a spray tan, not after.  Also, please follow all prep instructions!

What is the difference between the Full Body Spray Tan and the Full Body Express Tan?
The color is the exact same!  The only difference is the amount of time you have to wait to take your first shower.
The Full Body Spray Tan is 8 hours or later!  It does not effect the tan or get darker if you keep it on longer than 8 hours.
The Express Full Body Spray Tan is 3 hours or less, depending on your skin type.
Please note: you can not keep it on longer than 3 hours.  Click here for more information on Express Tans and how they work!

Will the tan rub off before I take that first shower?
Yes.  The tan can rub off on clothing, bed sheets, and anything else that you may come in contact with.  You will want to wear dark, loose fitting clothing and shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, prior to your first shower.

Do you offer packages?
Currently, we don’t have packages, but we do have a Rewards Program!  Sign-up for it at your next appointment.  Every Tan, you will receive a Star.  Once you hit 10 Stars, you get a Free Full Body Spray Tan!

I am 16 years old, can I get a spray tan?
Yes, but we require a parental signature for anyone younger than 16 years old.

I hear that Dee’s Spray Tan does Give-A-Ways, is this true?
Yes! We do!  Follow us on Instagram: @deesspraytan, “Like” the Facebook page, and Add Us on Snapchat (username: deesspraytan), to keep up-to-date on all of our news!  We post Give-A-Ways on all of these randomly!  Give-A-Ways are nontransferable and expire one year from issue date, unless stated otherwise.

Can I bring my children with to my appointment?
Babies and Children 12 years old or younger must be supervised by an adult and remain in the waiting area for their safety.  We love kids!  But the tanning room is for clients only.  This is a strict policy.  Safety for everyone is always the number one priority.  This policy is repeated in the confirmation email as well.  If this policy is not followed, Dee will not tan you and it will be charged as a “no show.”  Thank you for understanding!

I have a new tattoo that is still healing, can I get a spray tan?
You will not want to spray tan on top of a tattoo that is still healing.  You will want to cover it until it is completely healed.

Does it effect tattoos at all?
Spray tanning does not effect, change, or damage tattoos in any way.

Does the spray tan protect me from getting burned by the natural sun?
No.  You will tan and burn just like you normally would in the natural sun.  It’s great for a vacation, because as your spray tan gradually fades, the natural tan will come through!  Just don’t forget the sunscreen! 🙂

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I have read through all the questions in this FAQ and have not found the answer to my specific question(s).  How do I contact Dee?
If you have read through this page and have not found your question(s) listed, you may call Dee and leave a voicemail!  Please keep in mind that it may take her some time to get back to you, as she is busy tanning clients.  All scheduling/rescheduling/canceling is done online.  Phone calls only please.  No direct messages or text messages.  Thank you!