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Jan 22nd

Changes in pricing for *NEW* clients

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New Client appointments are $5 more because they require more time.  New client appointments are 30 minutes long while return client appointments are only 15 minutes.  During the initial first appointment, there is an Initial Client Consultation and a Skin Analysis to help get to know your vibez 🙂 and your skin for the best results!  But there’s good news!  After you have been seen for your one-time initial consult, you are then a return client and have return client pricing!!!  If you scheduled an appointment as a New Client before January 22nd, 2018, No worries!  You are locked in at the pricing you had when booking.

In addition, Dee is quickly nearing a clientele list of 4,000 people!  Dee’s Spray Tan has grown and keeps on growing because of wonderful clients like you!  Dee wants to keep herself available for all her return clients, but loves tanning for special events like weddings and prom!  As her schedule fills, adjustments will be made to accommodate as many people as possible!  Thank you for all the tremendous support throughout these short five years.  We have big plans for the future!!!!

The new pricing as of January 22nd, 2018 is as follows:

New Client-Full Body Spray Tan (3o min): $50
Return Client-Full Body Spray Tan (15 min): $45 NO CHANGE
New Client- Express Full Body Spray Tan (3o min): $60
Return Client-Express Full Body Spray Tan (15 min): $55 NO CHANGE

Please note: Be careful when scheduling online!!! If you schedule as a Return Client when you are actually a New Client, this will not provide enough time for you to get a tan and Dee will not tan you.  This will be marked as a “No Show” and the card booked will be charged.  And if you are a Return Client and schedule as a New Client, you will be charged as a New Client.  Thank you for understanding!

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Dec 27th

Dee’s will be closed Jan. 1st-Jan. 14th

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Hi Y’all!

I will be closed January 1st, 2018-January 14th, 2018 for a holiday break and renovations.  Dee’s will be located in Suite 106, in the same building, starting Monday, January 15th!  Have a Happy New Year!



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Sep 18th

Express Tans Explained!

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Express Tans are becoming increasingly popular! It’s so nice to be able to shower sooner! But they are a little tricky.  Here are some facts about them to help explain how they work!

-They are the same tan, same shade, same everything as the Full Body Spray Tan! The only difference is showering time!
-You can shower it off between 2-4 hours, depending on your skin type and how dark you want to go.
-Everyone’s skin is beautifully unique! And the timing for tans is different for everyone. That’s the tricky part!
-Dee determines the timing for each person. Some are 2.5 hours for a dark tan, while others are 4 hours! This is based off her 4.5 years of experience.
-You HAVE TO shower it off in the time frames that are given. This is strict!!!  Dee always suggests going home after your tanning session so you don’t lose track of time.
-What happens if you keep it on longer? Poor fading and coloring.
-When you shower the tan off, you won’t have much of a tan. That is normal! It develops over 24-48 hours (everyone’s different) and you will get darker as time goes on!
-Are Express Tans better? No, they are the same as the Full Body Spray Tan!  It all depends on your showering schedule for which tan works best for you!

Hope this helps! 🙂

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Sep 11th

Dee’s hit over 3,500 clients!!!

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Wow!!! This past week, Dee’s hit over 3,500 clients served!!! Thank you all so much for the support and believing in our services.  We couldn’t ask for better clients!

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May 26th


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Dee’s Spray Tan won Best Tanning in the St. Croix Valley!!!! Thank you all so much for voting! 💖

So happy people are making the decision to step away from the tanning bed and give Spray Tanning a try!!!

best tanning in St Croix River Valley


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Mar 24th

Prep and After Care is vital!

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We cannot stress enough how important Prep and After Care is!! 👌🏽  We are now offering 20% off the products if you buy a Hempz Exfoliator, Body Wash, AND 17oz Lotion! 😱  This is the total package for a flawless, long lasting tan!!! 🤘🏽 We only sell items that we TRULY believe in and Dee uses herself. Some time this week, Dee will be snapchatting what she uses and how to properly apply them for perfectly prepped skin for a spray tan! Username: deesspraytan *Must purchase all 3 hempz products, no partial discounts, discount goes towards product not services* Happy Tanning!!!

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Feb 17th

Thank you for the reviews!

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Your reviews are always greatly appreciated!  Thank you so much for the kind words and for trusting in Dee’s Spray Tan for your tanning services.  This definitely made Dee’s Friday.  We specialize in tanning for ALL occasions and for every day.  Sometimes all it takes a spray tan to turn a good day into a GREAT one!

google review

facebook review

The Knot Review

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Jan 17th

Chapsticks available for PURCHASE!

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You asked, we listened!  Chapsticks are now available for purchase!
$3.50 each + tax

Flavors available currently are:
1. Dee’s favorite Kiwi-Watermelon
2. Vanilla Bean


Pssssttt…Want to be the first to know Dee’s news?!  Follow us on Snapchat!  Username: deesspraytan

dee’s chapstick

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Dec 28th

Happy New Year!

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What a fabulous year for Dee’s Spray Tan!

Some highlights:
-Dee’s hit 3,000 NEW clients! Holy moly! Thank you so much for your amazing referrals!
Hair by Theresa moved in offering hair styling & eyelash extensions! We are so happy to share space with her!
Updated Gift Cards!
-Added an Unlimited Tanning package for November-January!
-Dee’s Spray Tan became federally trademarked!

What’s to come:
-A new and improved website!
Dee’s chapsticks available for purchase!
-expansion of products available for prep and after care!
and much, much more…;)

Thank you for your continued support! I have so many ideas for the upcoming year and I can’t wait to share them with you!

There are a few openings left for New Year’s Eve! Click here to schedule!

Please note: Dee is out of town on business January 2nd-January 10th. Also, February 6th-February 12th she and her husband will be on their first real vacation in 7 years!!!! Sorry for any inconvenience and Thank You for understanding! 🙂 <3

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