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Aug 28th

Why should you choose Dee?

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As spray tanning gets increasingly popular, more salons are adding spray tanning to their services.

So what makes Dee different?

  1. Dee has 4 certifications as a Professional Spray Tan Artist, including a Master’s Certification.  She traveled to Los Angeles 3 separate times to gain the knowledge and hands-on training that she has.  She is dedicated to the craft and can answer ANY question you may have.
  2. She uses all organic products and is knowledgeable about every product she uses.  There are MANY spray tan solutions out there.  Whether you choose Dee or not, do your homework.  Not all solutions are organic.
  3. Dee is not tied to one brand of solution.  She has many shades, colors, and brands to choose from!  Everyone’s skin is unique and different!
  4. No barrier cream!  With her streak-free technique, it’s not needed!  And no need to worry about your mani and pedi, no staining here.
  5. We follow all FDA recommendations and will provide you with the proper safety gear.  Wherever you go, ask for at least nose filters!
  6. Did you know Dee has a custom spray tan booth for great ventilation?
  7.  Every tan is a custom contoured tan.  No extra fees.
  8. Dee worked in healthcare for 8 years prior to opening Dee’s Spray Tan.  She provides a comfortable and safe environment, and only takes 5-10 minutes in the application process!
  9. Every client gets a skin type analysis at their first appointment to choose the right solution for your specific skin type!
  10. Experience.  Dee has had over 3,500 new clients!  She has tanned people for weddings (lots of brides and bridal parties!), photo shoots, pageants, television, magazines, awards, speeches, book covers, and many other events.
  11. And lastly, Dee is very passionate about her job and truly loves it!  She wants you to have the best experience possible!

Still not convinced?

Check out the photo gallery!  No stock photos, all tans by Dee 🙂

And don’t forget to to “like” the Facebook page and check out the reviews!

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